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August 14, 2010

One of my favourite things about Geocaching are the neat (yes, I used the word neat) tools and gadgets. It seems each cacher has their own method and equipment list, not to mention their own dream list. I’ve been pretty lucky from the start to have close to my dream combo of tools – so I’m using:

Main GPSr

Blackberry Bold 9000

This smart phone is awesome and wholeheartedly deserves its four star rating on the review page. With a number of excellent geocaching programs to choose from (Geocache Navigator from Trimble, Blackstar, Cachesense (formerly Cacheberry)) and excellent reception and accuracy it is a match for even the most expensive GPSr. The ability to link to google maps as well as access websites (like the Great Circle Calculator) on the go seriously reduces the number of DNF’s. And don’t forget the fact that email alerts for newly published caches means you can be out the door and chasing that FTF before anyone else!

Blackberry Software

Cachesense (formerly Cacheberry) is an awesome geocaching program and by far the most superior of all available for the Blackberry. It has an excellent database for managing caches and very good layouts. The only thing this software cannot do (yet) is download cache details directly from When it can do that I will have no need for any other Blackberry software.

Geocache Navigator from Trimble is a very good piece of caching software. In some ways the flow and functionality of the utilities in the software are superior to Cachesense (like the ability to scroll between compass and cache details without having to restart the compass). It’s major pro is the ability to get cache details directly from and this makes it the ultimate FTF or spur of the moment geocaching tool.

Desktop Software

GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) is the ultimate in geocaching database management. Download the cache details in GPX format and then the you are only really limited by your imagination when it comes to managing the information. My favourite function is creating custom GPX files and being able to upload them directly into a GPSr. Excellent!

Back Up GPSr

Garmin Etrex – a great entry-level GPSr and a good back up for the Blackberry if the batteries start getting low.

Update: and correction. It appears the latest version of Cacheberry, now renamed Cachesense, does actually link directly with and gives the ability to get cache details on the go. It is now the ultimate Blackberry geocaching tool and there is no need to use Geocache Navigator anymore for FTF hunts.


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