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Milestone Reached: 500 Finds

August 22, 2010
Geocache used in the Geocaching sport.

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My first geocache find occurred on 1st November 2009 (GC15JN8 W for Walk on Over) and I very quickly started chipping away at the local Dunedin caches. Whilst I am completely addicted I have needed to balance geocaching with the care of two small children and a pregnant wife. This has limited the amount of time I get to spend caching and the places I am able to go (though I am surprised at where I have been able to get a double buggy!). So I knew early on I wasn’t going to reach the dizzying heights of NZ or world cacher rankings in a great hurry, but I soon realised that 500 caches in my first year of caching was probably achievable. So the main goal was set.

So yesterday, during a caching binge trip to Moreaki, my milestone of 500 finds was achieved when I located GC1WWRW Old Mill. I actually thought this was find number 499 so left the celebratory dance for the next cache. It has taken me a couple of goes to find Old Mill; the first attempt thwarted by spectators of a cricket match and the second by too much water falling from the sky. Despite it not being the hardest or most significant cache it still meant it was a deserved milestone find.

The dilemma now is whether to extend the goal to 600 for the 12 months. My 100 finds rate is about 76 days and there is about 70 days left till Nov 1st. Doable me thinks.

My stats latest stats can be found on my profile page.

Unfortunately I was by myself for the 500th find (not entirely, but the kids were asleep in the car) so no photo of the event. I did manage to drag out this photo of my 300th find:

Cumbyrocks, Jnrs and friends at find number 300

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