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Gear Review: Adidas Kanadia TR3

August 23, 2010

I’m a big fan of the traditional geocache. I don’t mean the 200ml systema snaplock container hidden at a kids playground, I mean the caches that the geocaching purists eenjoy. The large caches hidden way out in the bush that take time to get to. These caches really put you to the test and generally mean you actually have to use the GPSr as it was intended. But finding these caches requires more than a kick-ass GPSr and a good set of legs. In my experience the footwear you have on makes all the difference.

I’ve been through a number of shoes over the years. Whilst Rogaining I used a pair of Montrail off-road shoes. They were good, sturdy and lasted quite a long time despite being caked in mud on a regular basis. For a while now I’ve been using standard Asics running shoes as the Montrails have long since given up the ghost. But I’ve found that they really aren’t good in the mud and wet. When I know it’s going to be muddy or wet I’ve switch to my gumboots. They’re awesome and keep me grounded and steady in any environment but there is only so far you can travel in them before you get tired and your feet get sore. What I really needed was a shoe that had gumboot like grip with running shoe performance.

Adidas Kanadia TR3

Enter the Adidas Kanadia TR3. This shoe is awesome. The first thing that caught my attention was the excessive grip on the sole that made it look like you were wearing a pair of caterpillar tracks. The grip on the sole is so extensive it even hangs over at the back to prevent slippage. And what’s even better is the feeling when you put them on. They must be the lightest pair of shoes I’ve owned and it was almost like wearing a pair of the natural running shoes that were the rage a few years ago. But the lightness didn’t detract from the sturdiness of the shoe – it felt solid and safe, hugging the foot gently but firm enough that it wasn’t going to slip out.

My first test of the shoe was today. I set off on three adventures to get:


GCMN4X Sandflies, Eel and Morepork

GC21MPT Leishmans Falls

Just Q involved a dash along a dirt road and trot along a grassy forest track. Sandflies, Eel and Morepork is a thin track that runs along a beautiful wee stream. It was quite damp in places and required a river crossing. Leishmans Falls had a bit of low-lying bush to travel through before completing a number of stream crossings on slippery rocks. The Kanadia handled all of these extremely well. It very rarely ever slipped and felt stable the whole time. My confidence in foot placement grew the more I ran, which in turn lead me to run faster. Due to the raised nature of the teeth on the sole they are probably less effective on slippery stream rocks, but given the infrequent nature of times spent in streams it a small price to pay for running faster and slipping over less overall.

My rating: 4/5 smileys

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  2. November 18, 2010 11:50 pm

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