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Canterbury Earthquake: Geocaches survive big shakeup

September 7, 2010

Last weekend a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Canterbury region here in New Zealand. You can see full coverage of the quake on the Stuff website.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the quake. There was a lot of damage and many people are now dealing with a lack of clean water, damaged/condemned housing and serious disruption to everyday living. It must be very tough there.

Some interesting graphs and videos have popped up in the last few days and I’ll admit to stealing all of them from the forums.

The first is a Google map showing the location of the main 7.4 quake and all the plethora of aftershocks.

The second is a map showing the location of caches in relation to the new fault line:

It would appear fortunate that there are no caches that would have been effected by the new fault line. Hopefully this makes it less likely that any caches have been seriously impacted. However I would think it highly likely that a few caches out there have moved or maybe even been swallowed as a result of the quake. I assume we’ll find out as time goes on, life returns to normal and people start caching in Christchurch again.

If you pay close attention to the posts in the forum you’ll note that there are a number of cachers involved in the response effort. All the best to those putting in the hard yards.

For those that are interested there is a very good flyover of the fault line with an animation showing how the tectonic plates formed New Zealand on the NZ Herald site.

Update (8-9-10): Paul Nicholls from the University of Canterbury has produced an excellent time-lapse visualisation of the quake and it’s aftershocks.

Update (19-9-10): It would appear that a number of caches have been impacted by the quake. Postings on the forum tell us that a number of warning messages have been posted on cache listings and some have been archived.

BaldEd has archived his Courtney Cache (GC11G4B) and provided an interesting photo of the land leading up to the cache:

BaldEd also comments that he has archived another 3 caches in the Kaiapoi area.

The quake has provided robglassey some inspiration for a new cache GC2EW47

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