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New Geocaching Movie on the Way

September 12, 2010

A new action movie about Geocaching, appropriately called ‘Geocachers’, is being made by Mike Corkle. Casting has occurred (sorry folks!) and it was shot in Nebraska in June. The synopsis from the casting call makes it sound quite exciting:

‘Geocachers’ tells the thrilling story of a botched heist that results in a priceless technological device being lost in the forest of a Midwestern town, USA. Two couples camping in the woods run into the team of villains bent on finding their lost loot. When one of the campers is kidnapped the other members are forced into helping the ruthless thieves, or risk being killed.

Albeit a little farfetched. But then that’s the point sometimes isn’t it?

Christos Vassilopous, a little known Greek TV actor is set to play the bad guy. He was interviewed by the Greek Hollywood Reporter who reported:

Christos tells us about the role he will be playing. “I will portray a bad guy. We will be a group of four villains, and I will be the right hand man of the boss that will take care of most of the sketchy business. There are some hidden boxes hidden throughout the forest containing treasure that the two couples are trying to discover . We are there to make sure that they don’t find them. The character is a bad guy but also has a more humane side. I am gonna be killing people, but decided to have my character sucking a lollypop to show a softer side.

<sarcasim>A lollipop sucking villain…very scary. </sarcasim>

I’m yet to see the last significant geocaching movie, Splinterheads, but a number of have seen it expressed some disappointment with it. I’m not sure whether that was due to a lack of geocaching footage or the movie just bombed. For those that haven’t seen it the trailer for the movie and the excellent Splinterheads Geocaching intro trailers are below.

Splinterheads Trailer

Splinterheads Geocaching Intro

Hat tip: kjwx

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  1. handpicked439 permalink
    September 12, 2010 2:22 pm

    I enjoyed Splinterheads. It’s not a geocaching film per se – but does promote it in a positive light.

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