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Cache or Credit? – TOTTing up your bill

September 15, 2010

Quit tooling around … If you’re going to get serious about caching, at some stage you’ll want to invest in a few more items to assist with those searches. Sticks and makeshift implements scavenged out of the car or from around ground zero won’t always cut it, so here are my top three picks on the subject. Just make sure you carefully TOTT up your bill before you hit the ‘Confirm Purchase’ button.

Nano Cache Log Retrieval Tool

Stop stealing the bathroom tweezers to dig out wayward nano logs and invest in this handy urban caching tool. About the size and shape of a small pen, the double-ended device features a sharp point on one end, and a tiny hook on the other – both covered by safety caps when not in use.

AU$7 from Geostuff

Ultimate Geocaching Survival Bag

If you’ve seen one geo-kit, you’ve generally seen them all … But in My Geocaching Store’s case – offering 120-plus essentials in a canvas carry-all – it’s the attention to detail that earns my praise. As well as all the usual gear, there are eight sorts of magnets included, a 10-in-1 survival tool and even two types of O-rings (for repairing holey nanos).

US$69.99 at My Geocaching Store

Contact the vendor for an international shipping price.

Geocaching Trail Cards

‘Allo, allo, what do we have here?’ With these smart Groundspeak cards, you’ll never again struggle to explain your actions to nosey police officers or muggles.

$2 for a set of five from Geocachers NZ

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