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Geocaching leaderboards to watch

October 2, 2010

Here in New Zealand there is quite a bit of interest in a possible change in the geocaching rankings for the top cacher spot. Moneydork has had an unassailable lead for quite a while but a recent injury has meant longtime second placer ADV has been given the opportunity to catchup and possible take the lead. The race is now on and at the time of posting Moneydork had 7607 and ADV 7573. Keep track of the race here:

There are also some interesting things happening in some of the other close races around the world. Here’s a round up of the closest ones:


There is only two cachers in Bermuda but the race is still on! Both seem to have a similar monthly find rate so there may not be a change for a while.


Like Bermuda there is only two cachers. I would expect eburkep’s lead to possibly grow as they are a new cacher who finds are all this year. Two Buck Chuck has been caching considerably longer and at a slower rate.


Three cachers in Bulgaria and race for the top spot is close. Like Bolivia I would expect The Two Meerkateers to grow their lead as their monthly find rate is superior to Amur Tiger.


Only two cachers here as well! Look for mercede’s lead to grow – Fiumanka has only found one cache this year.


More than two cachers here and a very high number of finds for such a close race. DK-Titan has a very high monthly find rate and may overtake Elmbaek in the coming months. You can also check out DK_Titan’s website.

District of Columbia

With a superior monthly find rate look out for SrchNResQ’s lead to be maintained or increased.


jorusol should be safe here unless YanniG does some binge caching!


Wow – it is super close in Guam. Too close to call but blygoat seems to have the superior find rate this year. Check out the Guam Geocachers Website.

Hong Kong

Another close one here in Hong Kong. Too close to call but it looks like the lead may chop and change a bit.


It doesn’t get much closer than this! Both appear to be regular cachers with Stammgast having some big months lately. Could be an interesting one to watch.


I can’t quite fathom having 15000 finds, let alone having another cacher in such a close race on that many. This one is too close to call. Both are experienced long time cachers who are used to getting huge numbers of finds. Keep an eye on this one. Both also have quite interesting profile pages so check them out.

Latin America and Caribbean

Look for W9JIM’s lead to increase as Lux has all but ceased caching in the last few years.

Newfoundland & Labrador

The gap is still quite large here but an interesting race between a once a year road trip cacher (ArcticNomad) and a more consistent cacher. Worth watching.

North Dakota

A very close race in the North between a husband and wife team. Together they made over 1000 finds in September!


Another race between a once a year road tripper (abra) and a more consistent cacher.

South Dakota

Hard to determine what will happen for this one. 22wander has done a chunk of the ET highway (1000 caches along a highway) in the last few days so the gap maybe closing.


Another hard one to determine. Daniborca does appear to be doing some caching of late so the lead may change. Check out the Geocaching Romania site.

Saudi Arabia

Both infrequent cachers for the status quo is likely to remain for quite sometime.


Skapo appears to be cacher harder this year than Vrso so I would predict a lead change in the coming months! Check out the profile pic for Vrso on his profile page – classic!


Both have been around for a long time and are slow but steady cachers. Don’t expect a sudden change.

South Africa

Another very close one to finish off with! A big year of finds so far for Tricky Vicky & Mickey who look like they have just taken the lead.

And okay, maybe it is about the numbers sometimes…

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