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Geocacher Characteristics Survey Development

October 9, 2010

Given recent interest in my post on the Geocacher Stages of Evolution I thought it might be interesting to do an online survey to gather a bit more information about this unique set of deviants people. Beyond the standard demographic questions I’ll be looking to ask about geocaching with kids, people’s use of geocaching stats, geocaching gear (not necessarily GPSr’s) and their preferred types and places to geocache. It will be interesting to see whether my tongue in cheek post was at all accurate. With any luck I will be able to break it down on a regional basis as I am sure there are regional differences in geocachers.

Rather than limit the questions to my own limited interests I’d be interested to hear what others want to know about. So let me know in the comments section or by private message if you have any thoughts on this front.

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  1. GSV permalink
    October 25, 2010 7:57 pm

    It would be interesting to look at # of GPSr units owned vs caches found and/or time involved with the addiction.

    Any questions on kids’ involvement would have to be a carefully worded: my kids got disillusioned when the majority of geocaches started to become geologs (container with logbook only, no cache of items for trade). Their buzz was looking for something interesting / eclectic rather than just the finding bit.

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