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Run For Your Lives

October 20, 2010
They call it the ‘Anti-Cache’ …

An evil traditional hide, yet to be placed on the Kapiti Coast, that will test the willpower of even the least addicted cacher. Its goal: To never be logged.

The cache of as yet unknown name is apparently one of 50 new placements planned by Wellington cacher bkj97 for next month’s Assemblage de College Paraparaumu event.

While I thoroughly applaud the concept, in reality I can’t bare the thought of that wasted smiley. It’s like the scab your mother told you not to pick at, you just can’t resist taking a quick scratch and then …

The idea also begs the question that if you can’t locate and log a particular hide, is it really a cache? Even with all the different find categories offered in geocaching’s 10-year history, surely the common thread amongst them is the need to register your discovery in some shape or form.

And what happens if the Anti-Cache is logged? Doesn’t it then become invalid?

Perhaps it will share the fate of North Carolina’s GCZTQT Do Not Log This Cache. Hidden on Christmas Day 2006 by ‘Another Geoholic (RosaBella)’, the 1/1 park’n’grab recorded several DNFs and notes until January 6th, 2007 when Digital Dori logged the first find. Their excuse? “Somebody had to be first.” Its current tally is 315 finds, 27 DNFs and 43 notes.

I’d be interested to hear what everybody else thinks. Or if you know of any other anti-caches in the wild.

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