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Great Geo-Stuff: Canine Companions

November 26, 2010

Cumbyrocks geofriends Cadbury and Tom

Dogs are man’s best friend and the same applies for geocacher’s. Besides being there to slobber all over us when we return home each day they can be our constant companions out on the trail when we are searching for those wonderful wilderness caches. Having a four-legged friend or two scampering around in the bush can be reassuring for those missing the security of civilisation whilst also providing an additional element of adventure as they manoeuvre through areas.

Cumbyrocks geo-dog enjoying the snow

But it’s not just about having a companion when we’re out in the wilderness, dogs can also be excellent stealth tools. Much like the old pram or the bend down to tie the laces trick a well placed (and well-behaved!) dog can hide your activity. They give you legitimate reason to be standing around in odd grassy areas or hanging around on a suburban street.

Best of all our furry friends don’t care whether we find the cache or not. For them just simply being out of the house and with us is fun enough. A slobbery grin from one of our mates is enough to lift the spirits when you’ve failed to find that cache (which was typically listed as ‘easy’).

Ahhh, dogs. Keeping geocacher’s in the game since…well, I dunno.


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