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December 2, 2010

Thanks to Guido from for letting us know about his new site. In his own words from a comment on my Garmin vs post:

GC does not allow chirp only caches. I had difficulty to post my chirp cache. First it was chirp only, it was rejected.
No I have a cache box and it was accepted.

Than I came up with the idea of a chirp only site, is a simple site and will host chirp only.
Maybe when will come online, my site is not necessary any more.


I agree that starting will likely remove any need for an independent chirp only site. However, I applaud any attempt to add something new to geocaching* and think anyone with a chirp cache should also log their cache here for the chirp purists.

Good luck Guido!

*before someone points out the potential hypocrisy here – I would applaud Garmin’s attempt to introduce something new to geocaching if we actually knew anything about what they are trying to introduce. They are yet to actually tell us what’s going on and until they do I will continue to treat their actions with suspicion and caution. Plus I can applaud an attempt to add something new without actually supporting what is being introduced. So there. 😛


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