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December 13, 2010

Hours after Garmin’s new listing service went live last week, Auckland geocachers Kiwifamily published the city’s – and the country’s* – first opencache.

Though Super Center (Code: OX2K407) has yet to be found at S 37° 00.452 E174° 53.220, its owners say setting up their first opencache was simple. “No dramas at all.”

The drive-by hide is a camoflagued mint tin secreted on the grounds of the sprawling Manukau Surgery Centre, in Auckland’s Manurewa suburb. Using Opencaching’s new rating system, this size 2.6 cache has a difficulty level of 1.6, a handicapped accessible terrain of 1.0 and its awesomeness level is a sweet 3.5.

KiwiFamily patriach Glenn  – who also runs the geocaching website/blog T4TC – says the real reason for listing Super Center on was that “the reviewer knocked it back from”.

Originally called Awareness, the cache aimed to be a cancer preventative – after one of his relatives had treatment for breast cancer at GZ – but was deemed unsuitable under Groundspeak’s ‘Caches that Solicit’ rule, which disallows those perceived to be posted for religious, political, charitable or social agendas.

“In all fairness, though, I guess it was for a valid reason – although my personal thoughts had been I didn’t intend this to be for my own personal gain.”

With an altered description, it has now been published on too, under the code GC2K407. And although still unlogged as an opencache, it has been found four times in its geocache form.

However, Glenn’s hoping for a FTF log on very soon. “Here in Auckland there are hard-core bunch of people that love the FTF so I’m a little surprised they haven’t yet logged it!”

He and the rest of the KiwiFamily began caching in October 2009 and, despite owning four Garmin GPSr units between them, they haven’t yet decided whether they’ll switch permanently to the new site. The lack of membership fees appeal. “If people use the service, I would certainly look at switching.

“Seeing as the service is only new, I’m hoping there will be a lot more to come in the near future. Being able to add photos will be a bonus. It will be interesting to see how  it goes, as I assume a lot of the geocachers enjoy seeing there stats go up and their count really count.

“With the new service, I gather [the tally] won’t count as your total due to the different services. I haven’t followed the saga between the two companies but I’m guessing they’re locking horns so to speak. I keep getting reminded that geocaching is a fun thing so why is there a need for the two services to get upset with each?

“Good healthy competition is all it is!”

Five other Auckland opencaches have since been listed since last Wednesday, four by Kev’s Team and the other by TRIPODTIM.

UPDATE: Manawatu, Nelson, Christchurch and Central Otago also have at least one each now. If you’ve found or seen any other Kiwi opencaches, let us know.

* if you discount Cumbyrocks’ test Newbie cache.


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